How many P5 wins does Holgorsen have at UH?

I can think of only one: Auburn.

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That’s the only one. He’s 1-11 against P5 and future P5 teams.



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And that Auburn team had 15+ players opt out, countless injuries and were 6-6.


And ended the season with a losing record.

He may have his first ‘end of the season’ ranked team victory with UTSA.


Exactly! He is not ever going to beat these type teams can’t everyone see that, hello Dr Khator and Pez it’s time to move on


This is a great topic. We should have more threads like this. At least 3 a day.


Yeah, let’s start threads on all the things going well for UH Football instead…

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And they had fired their head coach, Gus Malzahn. Their DC coached the bowl game.

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Wrong. Harsin wasn’t fired until this year. Malzahn was already at UCF last year.

Wasn’t it 3 starters for Auburn and 2 for UH opted out?
I remember it well because it mostly balanced out.

2 All Americans out - Marcus Jones and Roger McCreary.
Two other all conference guys on defense out - Logan Hall and Zakoby McClain was 2nd team All SEC.
Hall drafted # 33 then McCreary # 35. Other Auburn opt out was on the OL.

You watched this game less than a year ago and you come up with that ?
Harsin “one and done” was a big part of that bowl coverage.


Your right, I was looking at the wrong season.

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It was the same thing here at West Virginia…we beat Texas 50% of the time, and then crap the bed next week at Iowa state after asinine decisions…you have to be ready to lose any game at any time. And throw in some brawling/misconduct on top of it. After 7 years, it just got tiresome.


His win% at WVU after first four years was .549 (28-23)
His win% at UH after first four years is .565 (26-20)

Some games were cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 so it’s possible he could have the exact same record at UH after four years.

He was 1-2 in bowl games his first four years at WVU
He’s 1-1 at UH, will either be 1-2 or 2-1 after this year.

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1-11 vs P5 programs what a joke.


Well there are so many ways to attack the obvious from sooo yeah I’m cool with it

Not too long before that we were consistently beating our P5 opponents…

Might be 1-20 this time next year


We will certainly lose more than we win in the Big 12 next year. Let’s say somehow we go 3-6 in conference. That puts Holgy at 4-17 against current P5 at UH after next year. I think 3-6 is optimistic though. We probably only win 1 or 2 in the Big 12 so the number is likely to look even worse worse. It’s all good though because if we only win 3 or 4 games and we have 4 of 5 years being poor/underperforming with Holgy he will have to get canned right? Right?…