How many people are traveling in for the game?

I have 6 family members coming in, plus at least 4 who live here that are going (maybe a fifth, not sure). Then I know a fraternity brother is coming with his family so that’s another 4. A few others might be driving in as well.

Coming with the twin brother from Little Rock, Ar. Should be fun.

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San Antonio.

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“That shack outside La Grange”

Flying in Saturday morning from Seattle. Going straight from the airport to NRG stadium.

Coming into Houston from San Antonio, but health issues are going to keep me from the game; back is completely screwed up and has been for over a year. Need surgery, but can’t sit up for longer than 30 minutes. Family (Coogs) going in our place and probably will go in my place to Lamar and UCONN games.

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Driving in from Corpus Christi.

I hope you get better soon. You’re sending in the second string!

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Rolling in from Missouri City.

Heading down on Friday from Dallas. Will have 3 with me in tow (all Sooners; Dad, Stepmom, and my gf).

I’m flying in from El Paso on Friday. Why can’t it be Friday yet?

Flying down from Ohio will be at the game with son (UH Law) and daughter-in-law (UT cant win them all)

Get well soon!

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Two from AUSTIN!

Give em HELL, COOGS!

Flying in from Ohio (weekly client commute) and then driving in from Clear Lake - where I live :slight_smile:

Bringing 3 from Austin.

Heading down Friday morning from DFW…


In Toronto, Ontario as I type…then Chicago tomorrow…then H-Town on Thursday! Go Coogs!!!

I’m sorry to hear that @pray10 I’ve got two herniated disks and two bulging disks, and I went and saw a guy named dr. Michael s. Gorback in the center for pain relief in Webster, and he changed my life, he is an expert in steroid injections and pain relief and I highly recommend him. Sorry I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of suggestions but he really knows what he is doing! Enjoy the game from a very comfy couch @pray10!

Driving in from San Antonio on Friday after work and meeting up with my brother and niece!

Me too.

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