How many points

Will our defense allow against PV A&M this weekend coming up ??!


No more than 7

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If we allow more than 2 touchdowns, I’ll be worry. Hopefully, you’re right.


I’ll go with 10 points

We’ll hold them to 10. After playing OU, PVA&M’s offense will make our guys think they’re playing in slow motion. I’m guessing 10 based on a TD off a blown coverage (seems to happen at least once a game) and a long drive against our 4th string in the 4th quarter.

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  1. PVA&M isn’t that bad on offense and I think they’ll score all their points in garbage time.

I think this will be a 63-17 type game.


The more pressing issue is how many holes did Leach find during our game against OU, and how many can we plug before we play WSU.


14-17 for the exact same reasons Patrick mentioned.

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2018 PVU was 5 and 7… I wouldn’t want to play U of H right now… U of H by a lot

Hoping for no more than 14 before garbage time. When garbage time hits all bets are off due to our current defensive depth.

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Easy answer. We need to score as many as possible. This will help our timing when the Cougars come in. We are in no position to led off the gas pedal. I do not give a hoot if we are accused of running up the score. Other teams do it every single week. This is nothing against the Prairie View squad and Coaching staff. We are in a rebuilding mode.

PV will score at least 21 points on this defense. They are much better than TSU. They won’t win, but they will score more than most folks expect.