How Many

NBA players are starting on the Coogs this season in your opinion?


Shead, Sasser, Walker, Mark, Roberts…?

LFG Coogs!


And more on the bench too

Shead…not yet.

Roberts…not yet.

I would say 3. Sasser, Jarace and possibly Tramon Mark

I haven’t seen enough off the bounce from Arceneaux yet

The question i interpreted as, who could be on an NBA roster next season

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nba players and draft picks are different things

sign some form of any nba contract including 2 ways … i think everyone on the roster except maybe mylik and bowser can land a 2 way deal… especially if they stay till their senior years for certain guys like ramon …so all the starters!

sasser, mark, walker, terrance are the 4 i feel comfortable with

shead shooting HAS to improve to have any shot, no one in the league is looking for a 6’0 pg that cant shoot…and age will start working against him
i want to put sharp in the list above but i want to his percentages with real minutes, he is the type that his efficiency will define him

if roberts pull out 2 3s a game on 40% someone will take late round flyer on him, but he needs the 3s…no one in the league is looking for a 6’7 center

francis is tough…league leaning more towards skilled bigs…would need to randomly pull outsome guard skills and be effective at it … im not sure thats in him… atleast yet



Damn… Thats quite alot in just one team. :astonished:

Walker, maybe Arceneaux next year. I can see Sasser being Drafted early if he has a good year.

I think walker will be top 5 lottery pick

As far as who will get drafted (2 rounds) in the future on this year’s roster to the NBA…

No doubt
Jarace Walker
Marcus Sasser
Terrance Arceneaux

Tramon Mark
Emmanuel Sharp

Long shot
Jamal Shead
Javier Francis
J’Wan Roberts


I agree with some of your post but getting a two way is a lot harder than you are making it out.

Guys like Davis, Rob, Gorham, Taze, Edwards, Carlton, Fabian, Galen, etc haven’t gotten them.


I just meant of the starters that would eventually play in the NBA… Aka be on a roster.

TA is nice!

Apparently, you don’t remember the Chuck Wagon sir… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I saw a mock a few days ago that both had Walker and Sasser being first round picks.

Robert’s would have been a no last year but he has really improved, he could be a second rounder by seasons end
walker and sasser yes, i think tramon needs one more year.
francis could be in a couple of years