How much an NCAA Tournament run is worth to UH

The American divides each unit among its 12 member schools, so UH thus far has earned about $56,000 per year in each of the next six years for its Tournament showing thus far.


Every penny counts!!!

Let’s keep the cash-a-flowin’!!!


This is why we ALL should have been rooting for UCF.


I always want our conference mates to advance for myriad reason, the money just being one of them. When the teams in the conference do well, it enhances our reputation and SOS for the next season. The P5 conferences get a boost in the selection because they are perceived as stronger conferences, therefore a win against one of their conference mates counts for more and a loss hurts less. We want the same consideration.

The thing that would help most is to schedule a bunch of games against the stronger teams and fewer teams like Rice, Lamar, and UT Rio Grand. Of course, they have to be willing to play us. Here again, having a better reputation helps us schedule them because it would be another quality game on their schedule.

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I see Kelvin Sampson really knows his worth.

From article:

“For this university, the publicity, just the marketing of the UH logo - everywhere you go when they talk about the Tournament, they’re talking about the University of Houston - there’s nothing in this campus that can equate to that,” said UH basketball coach Kelvin Sampson.


Some conferences will give the team that earns the tourney units an extra cut of the payout, which I think makes sense. For instance, in a conference of 14 teams, they’ll split the money 15 ways and give a double share to the team that earned it. I thought that the AAC did this, but the article states that the units are split evenly across the conference. It would be nice to be rewarded extra for our achievement.

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All those years we didn’t go to the tournament, we got the same treatment as the ones that stayed home this year. Turnabout is fair play. That’s why we are in a conference.