How much $ is UH getting from the 2019 Kickoff Game?

Glad you asked.


We are going to clear almost $800k guaranteed. That is worth the move from TDECU.

Not bad. More than we get from our bowl games.


How much does Wazzu make?


Have to take the money. I just wish it wasn’t on Friday night.

Much better on a Friday night than a Thursday night. Thursday night games are terrible.

Friday night in Texas is high school football. Without looking at the numbers it probably has had an effect on our attendance playing on Friday.

So, we have a guaranteed payout of $1,727,320.00 and an expenses payment of $977320.00 for a total of $2,704,640.00. We have committed to buy 12,584 tickets which will be covered as part of our season ticket package. Now, are there anymore questions as to why we are playing that game?

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If we beat OU, this game will be rocking! If we don’t, that stadium is going to look very empty.

Board just approved item.


I wish people would just respect whatever decision Dr Khator & Chris Pezman make. I’m going to go out on limb and say they have the best interest in mind for the Univ and Athletic program. $ 800k is decent amount I’m sure in their eyes to make change from TDECU to NRG for the exposure alone. May even had done it for no additional revenue. I just trust they are in the know way way more than anyone on this Fan Board . Just gets old all the waaa waaah waaa over n over. Ok I’m good.


We have had leaders in the past make mistakes. Even our current leaders have made mistakes in my opinion. I hope we are getting something else as part of this deal…maybe we will do the advocare kickoff game in Dallas in the near future.

The $800K isn’t incremental. We would have made money from having this game at home.

Better deal than the idiots of the previous administration got us.

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Would anyone here use the $800K (or at least the part of the $800k that is above what we would have made with a home game) to make a sweetheart deal to get a P5 matchup on our open home date?

“This is not that something we do lightly,” Pezman said. “We are very mindful of the impact on our fans. If we do anything it will be for a very significant reason.”


Yes I can think of 800,000 significant reasons.

This won’t get us $800K more than having a home game.