How often do you think about the Roman Empire?

In the movie pilot asks Jesus , who are you , what are you bc he knew there was something different about Jesus and pilot was disturbed at having to kill an innocent person. He seemed to have known something was different about Jesus.

The Roman Empire gave us running water also

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Romans invented the bikini?


Well since I used to help teach an adult continuing-ed History class I suppose I’ve thought on it more than others haha. But seriously though, it really is amazing how brilliant they were and how they came up with ideas still in use today. If any want to delve deeper in any of that, I highly recommend Mary Beard’s ‘SPQR:A History of Ancient Rome’. Fantastic book.

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Other interesting thing is who we’re the Romans as in race. I think they were a blend of Italian, Celtic and German etc but Rome was a big city that people gravitated towards them and you had invading tribes. Interesting thing is the Roman Empire and military was the most efficient and in WW2 Mussolini could barely beat Ethiopia and the Italian weapons sucked. Italy today is about fun , good food and craftsmanship but it hardly resembles the efficiency of the old empire. Germany reminds me more of the old Roman Empire so they had to have an influx of German etc thru the various barbarian invasions then you had a mix of people that could get things done. I’m German and half Sicilian and my fun side is the Sicilian then when I want things done efficiently, I tap into the German side. Lol

So I had this discussion with others and I don’t think the modern Italians were Rome but it was a broader based culture. Like said, they had running water etc way before others.


My neighbor growing up was from Italy but he had blond hair and blue eyes and his cousin had red hair so the empire was a mix of Celtic warriors, Germans and native Italians vs just Italians starting that great empire.

Is he wearing Columbia Blue?

It’s a sign.

The Normans also invaded and occupied post Roman Empire Italy so thats why you see the lighter features in some

Expect a legal letter from the Tennessee Titans…lol

Hogwash. All that is made up, there zero historical evidence of Pilates wife, like so much early Christian history, it comes hundreds of years after the fact.

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The Romans invented NASCAR

All of history back then was handed down and less concrete than today but there are reports like this saying she was a Christian and did warn pilot on Jesus.

Early Christianity was just people saying or writing what they saw so it could be true or not but I believe it’s true bc why would they waste time saying she warned pilot when there is nothing to gain etc.

It’s probably true

I was thinking of ancient Rome last night during the TCU game, thinking one certain coach needed to be executed in the arena for poor performance


Its in one gospel. Some how the others ones didn’tkjnow the strory but Matthew did. "Why make up"the story? That’s a funny question about someone who supposedly rised from the dead. Why make up a story to help prove a made up story?
I love how in ancient times they used dreams amd visions to justify things. Try that in public court now. Actually probably happens with Clarence Thomas and his wife, wait to judge till his wife gets a message from God

Along with reports like I posted , it was in the movie Jesus from Nazareth and movies generally do research. Why is it so far fetched they should could have a dream then tell pilot?

The New Testament is not a historical record. Everything you post about Pilate’s wife will be made up stories that came hundreds of years later.

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The Bible has old and new testaments which are historical. They found the art of the covenant in the Middle East. The Catholic Church studied this for centuries and decided what was in the Bible. If you don’t believe them ok then you also can’t believe Alexanda the great existed and did what he did. According to you, we can only believe from 1600 or so.Back then it was testimony and some written. So you don’t believe the Greeks had that great empire and philosophy then and that was way before Jesus.

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Did you watch the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark? Just kidding but you used movies to make your point in previous posts.
So where is the Ark now?

Are you compating one line in Mathew to the history of Alexander the Great?

You have argued that we know of Pilates wife because of oral tradition. Do you think that is how we know Greek history?
There is no record of Pilates wife. We didn’t even know if he was married. If this great oral history was evident, how come none of the other gospels mention it. All the stories that you qoute about her are just that, stories that came hundreds of years later. Don’t conflate actual history with made up stories.

I’m so sorry, I should have known this would turn into an argument.