How often do you think about the Roman Empire?

The old testament was based on Jewish scriptures the new testament was a 400 year political battle of A) which scriptures would and wouldn’t be included in this new “Bible” and B) what customs would be part of this “new” Christian sequel to Judaism.

There were close to a dozen major early Christian groups that all had drasticslly different interpretations of Jesus teachings and what Christianity should be.

If you ever want to.go down a rabbit hole…look into these pre-Constatine groups and what they believed in.

One that stood out to me was the Marcionites who believed Jesus was sent to SAVE mankind FROM the old testament God and wasn’t the “son of”…this group believed in a complete split from Judaism!

Obviously, the early Christian group that won was the Roman Empire backed “Proto-Orthodox” group which overlayed Christian teachings over pre-existing Roman Pagan holidays and customs and the polytheistic diety problem became the Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

To go further…I believe the fall of the Roman Empire led to the third major part of the God of Abraham “religion tree”…Islam.

Once Rome fell…the "post Jesus " chapter of the tree had no problem converting middle east Christians into Muslims…after all, “look what Christianity did to the Roman Empire when they followed Jesus”

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My bad, i should have let it go from the start. I also made a political reference, that should have been my clue that this debate was inappropriate
Christianity and Romans are interwined so it does make sense it would come up.

Raiders of the lost ark was a fiction movie. The Jesus of Nazareth movie was non fiction based on the evidence they have. That is a ridiculous argument. I meant movies that are non fiction where they research and I doubt they put that in if they didn’t have some hearsay or evidence of it.

Gladiator wasn’t a documentary?


The Muslims have the right God and they adore Mary but they don’t believe in Jesus as God. Muhammad was their profit but reports were he was stoned out of his mind on acid. On his deathbed, he said “I don’t know what the meaning of life is” where as Jesus said I’m the way ,the truth and the life and no one comes to the father unless thru me”. Jesus spoke in definite terms and all around him knew there was something different about him as being God or from God. The Jewish leaders asked him about taxes and Jesus showed them the coin and asked who’s face is on the coin? They said ceaser then Jesus said about taxes then render into ceaser what is ceaser’s and to God what is God’s. They always tried to trick him and he had the perfect answer always.

Muslims believe Jesus existed but only as a prophet


As far as Gospels and the Bible and what’s in it, it was the early Catholic Church that decided what to put into the Bible bc they did have many like the gospel according to Judas etc, however the Catholic Church studied it over decades and decided which were worthy to put into the Bible. Protestants didn’t exist until 1500 which is 1500 yrs after Jesus but the Catholic church came up with the Bible of worthy writings several hundred yrs after Jesus.

Other thing is Protestant preachers are great and save people but there are 100 or 1000s of separate denominations of it with stand alone churches saying this or that but the Catholic Church is one and the priests are highly educated in theology and secular studies and they studied long ago what is worthy to be in the Bible short after Jesus which makes it more worthy bc the accounts were fresher.

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Well as long as there was hearsay.
Using movies to back your historical claims is pretty funny to me.

Back to the topic, lots of women love the movie Gladiator. So if they say they don’t think about Rome, i will ask my date if they ever think about the movie Gladiator

Hearsay is the most all we had way back then written accounts based on it so we either go with it or say Alexander the Great did or didn’t exist and the same for biblical accounts.

True- but all 3 trace their origin to the God of Abraham that promised his descendants would be God’s chosen people.

This link is so strong, among the 3 major branches, that Mormons believe "Abraham’s descent " were the native Americans to justify their presence here and how the Book of Mormon IS the definitive missing scripture of the Bible.

Muslims recognized Jesus, just not the son of tje God of Abraham.

Here’s how the three major sides are connected.

That is not how history works. Alexander the great is backed by many actual physical discovers that prove that various written records are correct. Historians take both to decide something is historically accurate. Nothing is considered truth just from one written account.
Yes things from bible have been proven this way, but Pilates wife is not one of them.

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Also the Catholic Church did accept pagan holidays and got secular to stay relevant whether right or wrong so yes the Catholic Church which was Christianity in Roman times was interwoven. They wanted to at least have a way of reaching all vs alienating the masses. It’s why the Catholic Church is ok with Halloween where as Protestant churches are against Halloween.

The Council of Nicaea was also very important in the alignment of Christianity and the Proto-Orthodoxs

The problem is that modern day Protestants no longer realize they are supposed to reject 99% of the customs associated with Christmas, Easter & Halloween, etc.

Instead, they actively embrace them and even turn other Catholic holidays, like St. Valentines Day or St. Patrick’s day, into their own.

Matin Luther would be rolling over in his grave if he realized his work was to be forgotten…lol

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Your prob right in that they will usually have a festival honoring Halloween etc . I’m Catholic but went to Protestant churches bc of my wife so I know about both and both are correct in many ways bc Martin Luther only wanted reform of the Catholic Church not a break away but the church was too stubborn to change that fast. But back on topic Constantine , the emperor , instituted Christianity bc of his wife’s influence and he converted. So then we have the Roman Empire with Christianity afterwards.

Cement , Roman arches to support weight, modern plumbing etc

Roman made great concrete better than modern days, scientist have deciphered how the Romans made it, and it being put into commercial production.

Side note:

This version of Ben-Hur sucked donkey d***. Absolute abomination.

Some things should never be remade, especially Ben-Hur with Charlton Heston.

So I thought this whole thing was a meme that really meant something else, but apparently no, it is about the Roman Empire.

Got to love Billy Ray Cyrus claiming he thinks about the Roman Empire at least 15 to 20 times a day.
Really Billy? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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