How’s the weather?

It’s hot here.

Forecast is for it to get a lot hotter.
But at least we have the sympathy of our allies as we descend into hades.


Bruuuuuuh, they deleted that other thread smh. I wasn’t even halfway through with it.

Sometimes you just have to take a bullet for the team.

I’m currently in San Diego. Weather is amazingly good as usua

Are you trying to get us all to hate you? LOL

Heading to NY to catch Astros/Yankees and Astros/Mets. It’s a solid 15-20 degrees cooler there.

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I’m in Bakersfield on June 25th. It’s awful.

Was listening to the 610 AM Outdoor Show and the fishing guides said the patterns were August patterns.

The weatherman said a tropical disturbance was possible and similar to Alecia which was an August storm.

Could be a long summer.

Remember to water the slab if you live on gumbo like I do. I’ve seen lots of foundation work around me.

Hot as balls

This is interesting.

This is mostly B.S.

There are only 5 major Koppen Classification regions on Planet Earth.

Then there are 2 subsets within each of the 5.

No location is changing out of its main Koppen zone. Not a single area anywhere.

What are your credentials in the space? Just curious.

These guys are experts and this stuff is peer reviewed. I think we can assume it’s not BS.

Are you stuck on 1885 classifications ?

Listening to the 610AM Outdoor Show and the guides were talking about being in an August pattern.

Last year we rarely topped 90 in June. I had tomatoes in July last year for the first time