How should Coogs handle success

Fellow Coogs ,
It has been a while since we have had a modicum of success in Football and since this is a relatively new experience how should we roll ? After very little thought I recalled what dear old Coach Summie said one upon a time, that is, “never get too high for wins and never get too low for losses”. That seems to be the best approach for me . I am going to try an even keel from here on out .
Go Coogs !

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You left out the part where he said…“and get the hell out as soon as you can” !!

The best way to handle success is to get more of it.


Handle success by filling TDECU Stadium and going fanatical, bat shhit crazy in the stands.


Let’s not talk about success yet.

Should the team be prideful of their record, sure.

Did we beat anyone to start having a success conversation of course not.


How about we wait until we beat a team with a winning record before we start worrying about too much success…


Odd. I always thought that winning the scheduled games was considered “success.”

If not, then we need to keep having the same lack of success we’ve had the last several weeks.


CKS scheduled weak teams to build a winning culture but…basketball was in piss poor shape.

That’s a fairly accurate description of the FB program that Holgi took over as well. And I don’t think that our hoops program ever lost a game by anything close to 70-14.


In hoops equivalent score would be like 175-30

That is the spirit and reach out to every single soul to accompany you in the stadium. We need as many fans as we can. All religious and ethnical backgrounds are welcome. This is who we are.

football actually had success. BB was a dumpster fire.

comment “RANK HOUSTON YOU COWARDS” on every reddit post

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This is the first fanbase I’ve ever seen that poo-poos their own success based on the opposition.

Reporter: “You’ve won every sumo match this season. To what do you attribute your success?”

Sumo Wrestler: “I don’t feel good about it. The other guys weren’t fat enough.”


And if we had lost close games to ranked teams, those same “fans” would say “you are what your record says you are.”

Something is wrong with everything. :neutral_face:


Coogfans not in touch with reality.


Tulsa would be 2-0 in conference and 3-3 overall if it were not for us. Are they a suck team?
Navy would be 2-1 in conference and 2-3 overall if not for us. Are they a suck team?
Tulane would be 1-1 in conference and 2-4 overall if not for us. While not great, they did lose to OU and Ol Miss for two of the 4 losses. I suppose they suck.

Point being, we helped those team to suck so lets keep it in perspective Coog fans


Perhaps a sign of the times.
“you are either with me or against me, there is no middle ground”

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You handle success by staying in the moment. Not looking ahead.

Follow instructions. Execute…be responsible for your assignment.

Remain focused. Take care of the challenge in front of you.

Know that you are part of a team. Everyone on the team has a part to play.

Stay humble. Be mature. Be an example to the younger players. If your an exceptional younger player, be a leader.

Exercise these principles and at the end of the season, you’ll find success whether you win or lose.


Life lesson here…and a good one.


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