How tired are you? Could be a sign of trouble

For you old farts out there like me.

I was too tired to read it.


The positive threads started in the Satellite is way too much for me to see. :roll_eyes::grimacing:

Edit: makes me tired.

That was certainly true in my Dad’s case.

His lack of energy and constant resting/sleeping in his last few years more or less forecasted his passing.

My Dad too. Although it was Covid that finally did him in, he was a lot more tired and slept a lot in his sundown years than before.

Your Dad was good man, 97. Remember him very well. RIP


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The only thing is, don’t we all lose a bit of energy with age?

I’m not as energetic at age 50 as I was, at, let’s say, age 25 or even 35/40, even though I still exercise regularly, and try to stay in good health.

But I guess the key is, if someone is constantly lethargic, as my Dad was in his last few years, it’s probably a bad sign.