How to embed things

If you want to embed Youtube, Twitter, SoundCloud etc… all you have to do is just put in the URL and the site will do the rest. You don’t have to link it or anything.

Here is an example of YOUTUBE embed:


That is a cool trailer.

This site is such an all around improvement on the old one. Great job!

Testing Testing Testing

Testing some other formatting…from Reddit. Strickout text doesn’t work but hyperlink text does.

Cheese, I don’t think the mobile URL works for YouTube. Try the desktop one.


Funny, I just noticed the link button does the exact same thing I did manually formatting wise.

This site is so much better with posting images or embedding youtube …

PLUS I can read the ALL the links when I could not on the old site unless I switched to the new format … which I could not with my upgraded Safari server.

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