How to Tell Sonny Dykes is Leaving SMU

Samples is gone. Those guys didn’t commit to Dykes.

UH should back the Brinks truck up for Samp.

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Never mind, mistaken identity

Samples was a player at Ok State and at UH, though never played here due to concussions. He was also a grad assistant here.

Think you may be mixed up on this.

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I was at a pre-season donor event when Samples was here. And he sat at our table. He is impressive. I can see why recruits like him.

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“Gary Patterson built TCU football through methods now unwelcome in sports | Opinion”

I must have him confused with someone else.

3 star players that became 4 stars when they committed to TCU lmao


the only question i have is, is dykes moving to fort worth or staying and making the drive when he needs to ?

i do not know where he currently resides but i lived in dfw and highland park-smu area beats the hell out of the tcu area. i wouldnt move. i mean are smu fans going to beat in his car windows if he stays in the neighborhood, not likely.

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B12 in 22 talk and Ole Sonny talks TCU. If you have the time, its worth the listen.
“Way To Early Top 25” w B12 focus starts at 5:20. Four B12 teams in the mix.
Baylor brings back entire DL and 4 of 5 on the OL.

Care to elaborate? I don’t feel like subscribing to a newspaper in order to read one article.


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