How to transfer tickets to a game you can't attend?

I’ll be the first to say I can’t attend the Lamar game. Kids XC meet, going back to H-Town mid-week for work, blah blah blah.

When I have a fancy season ticket card, how do I transfer tickets for that game to someone else? I want to make sure my seats are occupied.

I believe you have to do it from the website. If you log in to your account through the ticket office website and click on the particular game, you get a screen like this:

Click the transfer tickets button and you’re on your way. I’ve never been through the entire process, but I assume it should be easy after that. You might also be able to print the tickets and hand deliver them to friends or family.

Perfect, thank you.

I have three tickets for Saturday and I cannot attend. If someone has friends that want to go and you have an account where I can transfer these tickets, they’re yours.

Would love two tickets if anyone needs me to help fill in the seats for you :slight_smile:

My seats will be full for Lamar, but might not be for Tulane.

When selling, do you have to do it through Ticketmaster or can you do it through other sites like StubHub?

Awesome! The cards are at home and I’ll do it tonight. Hope it’s as smooth as they say. :smile:

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