How TV Media Payments May be Determined…

Last year the Texas- OU game drew its largest TV audience in years…7.25 million.

The LOWEST rating for The Cowboys (a 6-10 team) was 11 million. Some games drew 30 million.

And thus The NFL draws the big bucks.

College Football gets the same analysis. Texas-OU draws over 7 million but other Big 12 games may draw 800,000 viewers. Thus the huge disparity within that conference,

Many conferences suffer from lack of viewers. And I predict the era of over-paying is done.

Apple, Prime Video, Netflix, all enter the game. Like YouTube, the more viewers you get the more we pay. ESPN has declining subscriber base. Thus ESPN+. You pay for it.

Big changes coming, These numerous small market Universities are in trouble.

In an entire Saturday, adding up all TV networks combined, you get fewer viewers than you get for one NFL game. The CFP draws less than 1/2 what NFL playoffs draw.

$Money talks. Something is about to change.

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It will just make them more emotional, frenetic, and less predictable.

In fact, the Irate 8 should just go ahead and panic before its too late.

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