How we faired week 1 only looking at scores

Georgia Tech lost to the number 1 team by 38 points
Duke lost to the number 2 team by 39 points
Vanderbilt lost to the number 3 team by 24 points
UH lost to the number 4 team by 18 points.
FAU lost to the number 5 team by 24 points.
Georgia Southern lost to the number 6 team by 52 points.
Middle Tennessee lost to the number 7 team by 19 points.
Miami lost to the number 8 team by 4 points.
Louisville lost to the number 9 team by 18 points.
Louisiana Tech lost to the number 10 team by 31 points.

We might not have played our best and the game may have looked ugly, but the final score (which is the only thing that people will remember) wasn’t to ugly.


I was hoping to get one last stop and keep it at 42-31.


kicking it away instead of an on side kick would have helped some. Holgersen saw a ray of hope with 2 minutes left and only down by 11. He rolled the dice which was a good call but we were offside giving them excellent field position.

I still remember the Pitt bowl game in 2014.

If the guy kicking it is going to be the one recovering it, let’s have the massive punter be the specialist is this area

as long as he is a speedy massive kicker


Yes, I think about the Pitt multiple onside kick recoveries every time I see ANY team attempting an onside kick and I always have hope. Although, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think the Coogs have successfully recovered an onside kick since that game. Not that I can remember.

last season we were 1-2 according to stats on the UHCougars website. Not sure who it was against.

Believe that was against Temple midway through the 4th…

Should have taken the field goal after Parrish’s strip. I get why he didn’t but there were still > 6 minutes left and given our inability to stop OU’s offense, I would have taken the sure 3. It’s not hindsight either cause I was saying from my living room.

Back in the old days, points were never passed up unless there was so little time left you had to go on 4th down to have a chance.

probably would have made the game closer but the aggressive approach was stick em with another TD. He went for another one earlier on 4th and made it. I think he is that kind of coach as seen from his 2 pointer last year to beat Texas when an easy tie was available.