How we feeling about do not name players

WRs drop balls the majority of the time that costs us touchdowns

It’s the RG and RT who are struggling and hurting the oline in protecting the QB
Maybe fix those and it will help

He was supposed to recruit 1 or more HS QBs that he could groom by this time, you know, 5 years into his tenure and all. OR recruit a ready made transfer which Smith clearly ain’t.

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Obviously our recruiting is sub par. Who’s fault could that be?

The coaching staff and donors. You could have Zig Zigler selling the program but if your not competing in the NIL portion, your not getting the most talented recruits.

Coach Prime? Nah, we don’t want him. We have COACH PRIDE

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35 first downs.
They were marching up and down the field all night long. The defense was bad.


Yeah, when Dana was talking about defense playing their tails off I was confused. Allowing 36 points, over 500 yards of offense, and 35 first downs…uh???

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And this bend-but-don’t break bull#% only works in Madden 2014. The better teams are gonna snap Belk’s D like a twig.

Kid: mom can i get coach Prime?

Mom: we got coach Prime at home.

Coach Prime at home: