How's the money working out?

I got to cut to the chase. Tried to follow the expansion thread but really i just want one question answered.
Is there money for 16 teams?
Is there more money for 16?
Just any details on how this all works out

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ESPN contractually approved full shares for 16 teams as long as they were P5.

FOX gave handshake-approval for 16 and gave Utah/ASU full shares.

We don’t need to add anymore teams. We wait for the ACC to implode.


Cut for each team with Sports media rights, bb credits etc etc etc 50 million per team I seen calculated. Not including ticket sales licensing, stadium naming rights 3rd tier rights, and other revenues streams the schools keeps like licensing out there stadium for events etc. Which could be 10-20 million or more depending on the school.

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Im behind as well, if the 4 corners are getting full shares, is UH getting a full share in 2024? 2023?


No because we weren’t a P5.

We won’t get full shares until 2025


Thanks, i was wondering where the 50 million number i had seen came from

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Nothing is done without the networks buying.

I enjoyed this guy’s writing

Very true, love this line
That’s really what this is all about. College sports isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about how big your payday is and how much influence your football team has on TV ratings that keep the money flowing in. It’s about raiding your opponent’s cabinet before they do the same to you

By the by I read that MWC teams get $4 million each from their Media deal.

Wait till they get a Apple TV deal


Irks me that programs like ASU and UA who can’t win their way out of a wet paper bag in football would get a full share before us. If they even do.

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