Huge change in available seats for UHvOU @ NRG

I go on vacation and ticket sales surge or maybe its re-alignment affects already? If this is accurate the game has surpassed the A&M/ASU total by several thousand already.

7-21-16 screen capture

7-29-16 screen capture


They have been on a promotional blitz on ESPN lately so that may be a factor. Also, alot of people just wait until the last minute. Some just don’t get motivated to buy tickets until right before an event. I know 3 OU fans who just bought tickets this week even though we have talked about this game for over a year.

Which side are we on?

We must be on the side with no more seats available; but then again, this is not really a UH home game.

UH is on the East side, the side with no seats.

Any fan in Red I will be counting as a UH fan come post game discussion time.

Scalpers buying tickets in anticipation of Houston being announced to the Big 12 in August.

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I like the looks of that!

I just bought my season tickets last week. Had to buy the OU game separate. Yesterday I got a call from UH ticket office saying they just acquired more tickets for the game. That might be where they went.

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UH buying a bunch more makes a lot of sense. Was surprised they only got 5k for students to start.

I think 5k makes sense because this time the students have to buy the tickets and usually they are free. You want to make sure your student section at the games doesn’t have empty seats when the university is buying them.

I asked questions about student tickets (how many, price, location, can we donate to help the students) during the Cougar Pride Online Q&A session this past Monday and CP said they had no information on student tickets for the OU game. So if 5K is the number that is good. Just hope the price is affordable.

Price is supposed to be $20 for students. I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times. Surprised the CP folks wouldn’t know that.

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So how many does that make sold?

Mandell - There were several questions CP did not answer or deferred to the ticket office (# of season tickets, number of OU tickets sold), when will we know our seat location for OU game - after ticket office is finished allocating. When will that be? - contact ticket office. Additional Texas Sate tickets - contact ticket office.

I can get sideline SMU group tix for $20 each.

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If the dot map is accurate then over 70k have been sold. We’ve seen plenty of hold backs before so its really an unknown but based on previous # sold announcements, re-alignment excitement, and marketing push it very might well be accurate.

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Boom, and there are only about 1000 showing as available on ticketmaster right now.

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Great news. Closing in on LSU-Wiscy from 2 years ago.

Take this for what you will…


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