Hughey Signs Two to 2018-19 Class - University of Houston

“Bria is a lot like Serithia Hawkins,” Hughey said. “She’s long and athletic. Her character and who she is really stand out. She’s going to be tremendous for us, because we’re filling in with a person just like Serithia. All of her attributes are just tremendous for us. We expect a lot of things out of her as a freshman to come in and really enhance the program.”

“Jazmaine is going to be the first 6-4, 6-5 player that we’ve had that has some size,” Hughey said. “She has really good hands and a really good basketball IQ. She’s not as mobile as we’d like right now, but she’ll come in and get interjected into what we do, and then be able to do what we need her to do. She’s going to score around the basket and from the high post. She’s another high-character kid, and she’s going to be really, really good for us.”