Hunter Felony

I’m sure the prisons will accommodate as many of the Trump cohort and Bidenelli family as necessary. Lock 'em all up!

In the history of firearms applications, how many times do you think the question “do you use illicit drugs?” Has been answered “yes”.

I will bet the number is zero.


Great! Bring it on!

Why aren’t you able to side with truth and justice in the Orange Jesus Soon to Wear Orange cases where he’s actually been convicted “to”, hypocrite?

He can’t lose something he never had to begin with.

This is ironic.

That’s not why the judge rejected the first deal.

He rejected it because he was not confident Hunter’s lawyers knew what was in the deal sufficiently to advise their client.

Nothing about outrage over a sweetheart deal, except for clowns like Comer, was relayed in the piece.

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How many Republicans want to go after Jared, isn’t he worse than Hunter?