Hunter's biden secretary tied to the commies ccp

All of you pro biden this is for you.

NATIONAL SECURITY conflct of interest?


Our resident conservative supporting a crack head.

How do I support him? Nothing I have said has indicated anything like that. Let’s talk facts and not your feelings.

I just want consistency from everyone. If you can’t do that, you have no credibility.

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Alex I’ll take lack of self awareness for 200



So investigate, already. Just do it. Then send a recommendation to the DOJ to prosecute (these recommendations are meaningless, and carry no weight).

If the DOJ believes crimes were committed, the DOJ should prosecute under their normal guidelines. Biden, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Trump, Pence, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, each and every one. IF crimes were likely committed. Lots of crummy stuff you can do that ain’t a crime. Just ask your wives/husbands.


I totally agree. There shouldn’t be a ruling class that is above the law.

Or their orange Daddy about the difference between unethical and crime. He knows all about that line and how to get people to cross it for him.

People forget that the gazillion Trump-adjacent indictments and convictions of people like Parnas, Stone, Flynn, Manafort, etc. came at the hands of the career professionals at the DOJ, most of who don’t change with administrations.

No reason to think Hunter, Joe, or anyone else gets a free pass.

Thinks the we are in the last minutes of The End Times, and all she has on her plate is revenge.

They won’t, but just to be spiteful I hope like 75% of the Republican requests are met the same way the previous administration greeted investigations… This time with a choir

I hear Noxema is goo d for burns.

The AI is so close to self awareness… And yet so far away.


You don’t do the same


We know starting in January, after the blood has dried from the MTG and/or Jim Jordan stabbing of McCarthy to take the speakership of the House from him, we will have Hunter’s Laptop 24/7/365.

If that’s the least harm the Q-Caucus does this coming term, I’m okay with it.

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