I ain’t giving up on Dana

Yes, I hope Dana succeeds. That would be simply awesome. CDH’s success reflects well on the university, and that is important to most Coogs. However, that said, no coach and no one, no matter how good or bad, is above criticism.

Go Coogs.


Given where the program was when Dana was hired, I think he is on the right path. Even though we have lost more games than I would have wished, I don’t recall any game where the team has thrown in the towel - they have competed to the end. This year we have looked strong in the games we have won. Remember, 3 of our losses have been to # 7 Cincinnati, #8 BYU, and a tough UCF. I am backing our coach until there is a real reason not to.


Why is this even an issue !!!


I can’t imagine getting frustrated with CDH for another couple of years, at least. He has a pretty decent track record and I think he will be successful at UH. I know we all want the Coogs to win every time they take the field, but in our situation we need to have a little patience from time to time. We’ve seen how easy it is to make a less than stellar hire in our history, and I think we generally should give coaches a little time to get their programs running smoothly. And, after all, we’ll know if things are headed irrevocably downhill, because you’ll do things like give up 70 to Army.


Program is Definitely headed in the right direction, And CDH has already said next year’s team will be a lot better than this one… And this one isnt bad… and can finish on a real upbeat note…


I nust want this crazy season to be over


This thread is still going and


Its complicated building a nationally respected football program. A lot of moving pieces. It take vision first and foremost. Thereafter, an almost maniacal dedication to execute the vision.

Everything after executing the vision is just a widget.


Props for admitting a prior bad take.

After Sampson’s third year I was a little worried about whether he’d be able to get us over the hump to making the tourney, since Dot was graduating and we hadn’t really gotten big momentum in recruiting yet. This was really distressing because if he couldn’t get us there then it was hard to envision who we realistically could get who would.

That said, I was still ready to give him several more years to try. If you really understand hoops you could see how well coached our team was, especially compared to the previous regime, and how we just needed to get a little more talented (whether through player development or recruiting) to get there. Though I didn’t expect that the next year we’d start a run where it looked like we might be able to make the tourney pretty much every year as a single digit seed.

I admittedly don’t have the same discerning eye for football as I do with hoops. I hope the folks who do are seeing the same things with how Dana is progressing the program.

I remind you all that Coach Dana stepped into a football program that was in worse shape then when he first arrived with CKS in 2008 so I personally will give him the benefit of a 4 year window to get the football program in order.

What will determine Dana’s coaching fate is this, whoever is the QB that he personally recruited plays well, then he’ll be fine in Houston, but if that QB he personally recruited fails, then so well Dana.

I remind you all, that the main reason Tom Herman and Kevin Sumlin were successful at their time as UH Head Football Coaches was because of the QB that they inherited (Sumlin inheriting Briles QB Recruit Case Keenum and Herman inheriting Tony Levine QB Recruit Greg Ward)

It’s time for once that a head coach here at UH can be successful with a QB that they personally recruited and coached up to be a fantastic winner.

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lol…thanks I’ve now got coffee on my screen


He inherited a good one & couldn’t make it work. That, this season, & potentially next season is squarely on him.

He better show marked improvement next year or I’ve seen enough, this is an out of shape, undisciplined team period


He has done no better than Levine or Applewhite. You can argue he has done worse and most would agree.

I don’t see it.


Not following. He inherited a team that lost 70-7 a score I do not even want to remember. So he did not inherit anything but having said I am not sure if he improving the team. He will be in the dock next season.

This is a lie that has been perpetuated over and over. The cupboard was not bare. The level of talent he had is roughly on par with the level of talent we had this year. He was brought in to improve recruiting and increase the talent and hasn’t.

…and he isn’t a good enough coach to coach these kids in to better players.

No coach since Dana Dimel has had back-to-back losing (regular) seasons at UH until now. That includes Levine and Applewhite.


That’s just bull hockey! I’ve seen a tremendous increase in the skills and techniques of our players and an increase in the talent we put on the field from last year and this year. What I saw yesterday was a team that had only played 6 games this season ( and none in the last month) playing a team that had played 9 games and has continued to play every week.


Right, right and right but some of our friends think that we can become USC or Alabama by flipping a switch. Our schedule or lack there off has had a major impact on our performances. We get better? Then we have to wait 9 years to play another game. This is highly detrimental.
Here is a visual example for everyone to understand why playing regularly is crucial for any team to achieve success:
Now let’s compare with our schedule:

Any questions?
Yes I have questions for the “world beaters”
Do you think it is easy to turn your game switch on and off?
Do you think practice replaces liye games?
Do you think not playing “official” games for weeks makes it easy to develop automatism?
This season our erratic schedule has become an extension to our practices. The coaches will never tell you that but this is the reality of it. It is impossible to develop any chemistry when you do not know when you will play.
Now let’s look at the so called cfp ranking:
Alabama - 1 game postponed
Notre Dame - 1 game postponed
Clemson - 1 game postponed
osu - 2 games postponed with only one week in between
atm - 3 ganes postponed with two weeks max in between
Florida - 1 game postponed
Iowa S - None
Cinci - 3 games postponed with two weeks max in between
and on and on
Twice we had to wait three weeks. Three weeks is an eternity for any team to wait. Go ahead friends keep bashing on our team and coaching staff for such a horrible season.



I am covinced some here and TOS have the Whorn Fans virus.


It just amazes me that some on this board think our team equals to a video game.
I would have a much different opinion if we had played regularly with the same record that we have now.
For your Playstations opinion flame throwers out there do you understand the difference?