I am one of the most historically optimistic Coog fans

I agree. Every game from now on is a toss up that is slightly leaning in the other teams favor maybe we win maybe we won’t.

There’s a reason Applewhite wasn’t coaching anywhere when Herman picked him up and same for Donofrio. Teams tend to feed off of their coaches emotions and Applewhite doesn’t seem to have much of a pulse. This team is lacking that swagger they had under Herman. Nobody should really be shocked, Applewhite’s play calling was bad under Herman, he just had Greg Ward. His decision to punt was all I needed to see, everyone in that stadium knew he had just handed the game away. Thought we would’ve learned what a continuity hire gets you with Levine. We have to get out of this “hiring guys that will stay” mentality because in this conference the only ones that stay are the ones you don’t want to.

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You know great QB’s have made our recent Coaches. Sumlin without Keenum was mediocre Levine waited to long to put in Ward Jr. and we all know how well Herman looked with Ward. Hopefully this spring Bryson Smith or Chance Aimee can be that guy for Applwhite

To clarify again, the decision wasn’t to punt; the decision was to run a fake punt that failed when the snap went through the up-man’s hands; Roy then audibled and punted when the ball landed in his hands… I’m not saying that’s any better (in fact, I think it’s worse), but let’s get our facts straight before we complain about CMA.


Few points. You say staff was gifted a 10 win team. Last check it was a 9 win team that lost its last 2. It had very impressive wins vs Okla and Louisville obviously which can’t be discounted. But 2 wins were vs Lamar and Texas St.
This staff wasn’t gifted the same team. They offense is less Ward…which is huge!! Also less Chance Allen and McCloskey.
The defense is less Bowser, Both Wilsons. DL Malveaux, Singketon And Jerrod Carter hurt. LB lost Taylor.
The defense is playing Winchester(last years nickel) Johnson converted from WR. And #18 who originally signed with Quachita Baptist. Then lost safety depth when Stuard and #5 went down.