I could see houston winning and not get autobid

I could totally see you guys winning a close game to Cinn. You would move up 5-6 spots but Cinn wouldn’t drop enough. Basically they’d still be ranked higher and would keep G5 auto bid.

For my BYU cougars I just don’t think it’s likely we get a NYD game. I think we will be the first one out for at large bids.

The autobid goes to a conference champion, so if we beat Cincinnati they can’t get it. (They could get an autobid, but I suspect they wouldn’t)


Rules and stuff


I thought it goes to the highest ranking G5 not conference champion for G5

Higjest ranked champ. We Saturday and we’re in the NY6 bowl.


My bad.I really thought it was just highest rank.

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All good. You’re hardly to first person to make the mistake. In a couple years hopefully we’re more worried about winning the Big 12 and making the playoffs than getting placed in the lowest ranked NY6 bowl.


Highest ranked G5 Champion.

If we win, we are in.

A lot of folks in this board have made the same mistake. Highest ranked G5 champ gets the auto bid. Cincinnati could still get an at-large spot after losing to us if they are ranked high enough…most likely need to stay in the top 11…but just depends on things shake out

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Like mentioned, the highest ranked g5 Champion of their conf gets the auto bid so if we beat Cincy, we just then have to hope we out rank other g5 champs. We wouldn’t make the playoffs though. Cincy would lose out on playoffs and auto bid.If you look it up that’s the rule in place.

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We have to win and then jump San Diego St. in rankings.

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If you beat Cinn you’ll be higher than SDST for sure


We should be. They play Utah St. No brownie points for an Aztec win.

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SDSU is 19th and we are ranked 21. If we beat a top 5 ranked team, we are jumping SDSU since they have nothing that good.

They did beat 17th ranked Utah but beating a #4 is stronger, we hope.

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We’d definitely jump SDSU. As the season goes on, you see the playoff committee’s plan play out. It seems that they are always looking weeks ahead to plan the potential dominos. Everyone freaks out with the first ranking, but look where the top four are now and who is lying in wait.

It looks like they do the same thing with that G5 potential. You know they were UNT fans last week.

They can’t get an autobid without winning the conference championship. If they stay in the top 12 and are higher rated than BYU, they could possibly get an at large, but doubtful. The CFP committee doesn’t control who goes to the the non CFP bowl games other than the autobid to the highest ranked G5 conference champion. The bowls would probably prefer a team with a huge following like a Bama, OSU, OU, etc.

There are also conference tie-ins to non CFP NY6 bowls, like the Rose has B1G and Pac12, Sugar has SEC, etc.

Yeah, I meant “at-large bid” where I said “autobid”

We actually travel pretty good for bowls. I was amazed at where the people came from at the Peach Bowl and also at the Liberty against SCU.

Not to be too negative, but Cincy wont be #4 after we beat them and if Utah wins the Pac 12, then they will jump up. I still don’t see any way that Utah should jump Cincy, but it could be close where they are ranked in that scenario. We don’t want them to look at each team’s loss, because Fresno St does look better than Tech.

If Utah wins the Pac 12 they are going to the Rose Bowl, and if my Hawkeyes beat the Wolverines then they would be playing them. The Rose Bowl has to take the Pac 12/BIG champs, unless, the champs are in the CFP. So, if Michigan wins the BIG, then they would go to the CFP and the Rose Bowl would get a choice, although my money would be on them taking OSU from the BIG vs the winner of the Pac 12.

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