I’d Like To Recognize This Special Day Part 2

Kids are returning to school today. Parents rejoice. Our three month nightmare is over. Hallelujah!


Some of us have to be there when the kids return. I look forward to you taking them back home next summer. Hahaha.

I actually love my job and I am so glad to have my students back! I still love summers more.


I am also a teacher, love my kiddos. Let the school year begin!!


I loved school from the very beginning. I was lucky-had teachers that encouraged me, taught me, inspired and motivated me. Because of them I always made top grades and graduated as Salutatorian from HS, with honors undergrad and at the top of my law class in '63.
I have great appreciation for my teachers and professors who nudged me along. Still I always aspired for athletic success primarily football. Guess God decided one gift for me was my quota so I was given adequate brain cells but muscle cells that were too small, too slow, too clumsy. Sadly I passed the same inventory along to my sons. I think my grandson at Brown picked up a new formula from his mother.


Today was my first day as a teacher and it was very exciting!


What do you teach Giena? My daughter teaches 5th grade math at an elementary school in Katy ISD.

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Jim, I think most of us can look back on a few teachers that were very influential on our development. At least I can. Mrs. Cowsar made us diagram sentences until it nearly drove me nuts. But throughout my working years I would mentally diagram sentences in reports and letters.

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I teach Pre-K and Kinder…the littles


My older 2nd cousin taught kindergarten in Denver her whole career. Bonny Rose was such a sweet lady but had a tendency to talk to adults the same way she talked to children unless she caught herself. Her husband was a high school principle, so they had the whole gamut covered.

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