“I demand equal time”

If someone were to besmirch your good name, wouldn’t you want to have something to say?

Asking for a friend.

The boy who cried wolf


Under oath, sure, I’m all for it.



Let him testify under oath…the bar has been set for invoking the 5th…at 100 times.


I just i don’t even know how there can be a debate. Every time Trump was asked if he would accept accept the results he said he wouldn’t if he lost. It was right there in the debate.


That is a pretty specific rule, do you think that applies to the Jan 6th committee?

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I’m sure they’d love ask him a few questions, so sure. Why not?

I’d tune in. Fo Sho

Nope, we have no equal time or fairness provisions, which is why you see most TV and cable media choose sides, which adds to their brand. Fox and MSNBC have different audiences, different brands, even different advertisers because of the varying demographics.

The equal-time rule was suspended by Congress in 1960 to permit the Kennedy-Nixon debates to take place. The equal-time rule should not be confused with the now-defunct FCC fairness doctrine, which dealt with presenting balanced points of view on matters of public importance.

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Obviously not, for the functioning brain crowd. Cue the non functioning crowd coming in for equal airtime.

But hey if he wants to march up the hill and raise his hand I’m sure they’ll give him all the time he needs.

Only the best perjuries and 5yh amendment takings…big beautiful perjuries and invokings.


Bidens show trial will start in Jan when the new congess is sworn in

Yeah, put him on trial for golfing too much at his own golf clubs and charging the SS for the golf cart rentals. Oh, wait.

Because getting a mob to storm the capitol and try to throw out an election is just normal partisan tactics to you. There had never been anything like this before in America, so sad to see so many Americans believe an egomaniac and would destroy our democracy for him.


They’re coup, coup, for Republican fascism


Its actually pretty scary stuff. We were extremely close to a take over and for some reason people are talking about him as a future candidate.


Many people want to return to the 1950s except with porn, Viagra, cell phones and cable TV. There’s a lot to unpack. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, keeps me coming back to that quote “It’s far easier thing to fool a man then to convince him later he has been fooled.” The leading candidate in some polls for the nomination !

Gives an insight into human behavior.

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Lol, was it the guy with the horns that was going to take over, lol you guys are funny

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