I did not know that we hold this record

We hold the record for a loss against the biggest spread in history. In 2012 we lost to Texas State (I remember it well) we were favored by 35. That is the biggest underdog victory in history.

It is hard to be a Coog fan sometimes.

Coupled with losing to UTSA in the first game in TDECU…well love me some Tony Levine but never has a coach been more sh*t can worthy (well I should probably wait to see how this season plays out). He had to go.


Kenums records are still on top. So there’s that still.


I was at both of those losses… Brutal.


We do not hold that record and as of 2019 it was only the 5th biggest upset of the previous 25 years.

College Football Final was wrong then this morning.

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Wait…What ?!?!?!
ESPN was Wrong ???
No way…


To be fair, there was no spread on Appalachian State-Michigan. That should be the biggest upset ever.

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That was a doozy.

But the SWT game was mind-boggling incompetence.

I was at the UTSA game. They ran the flanker/wideout flat pass over and over and we could never stop it.

Who cares?

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Over and over. I’m dumb as hell, but I knew it was coming.