I don't know why I do this to myself

Slow day at work, watching a replay of the Alabama / Houston game - the ending still makes me as mad as I was back then. Can’t wait for the beatdown that should take place in Fertitta this December.


During slow days I watch the 2016 UH OU football game, has the opposite effect


Who cares about the Alabama game

I’m still furious about Jordan Poole and seeing his name in the NBA


Rutgers game in the tournament…come from behind…Tramon Mark hitting the shot in the lane…and the Memphis last second shot…glorious.


I got a neighbor across the intersection over there that has a garden flag with a bigasso “R” on it!

I need a UH flag to go with those silly wife flags and My Cherokee Nation garden flag.

I ran into a Rutgers alum at the pool in the Bahamas. Tramon Mark like Jordan Poole to them :grinning:!

Like man Coogs and the Michigan game, Rutgers fans are still upset about that last minute late game tip in by Tramon and miles missing the alley-oop dunk to stretch their lead.


I hope he sticks around in the NBA so they can have Tramon rubbed in their face just like Jordan Poole and Tyler Herro are rubbed in mine

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