I got vaccine yesterday

Got my 2nd Pfizer yesterday.

Had horrible dreams last night and woke up real achy. No fever. Going to take some Tylenol and hope the achyness goes away soon.

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If I could do it again, I would’ve gone to the Tylenol much sooner.

I had the second dose of Pfizer about a week and a half ago. Only side effect I experienced was a strong desire to buy Microsoft products.

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You may get that chance with the boosters that
are being mentioned.

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The nurse who gave it to me told me to take one when I got home and another before going to sleep. She acted like it was a guarantee I would get flu like symptoms. Only had a headache (that evening, little next day) and the slight hangover feeling you mentioned the next morning. First time taking acetaminophen in like 15 years for me, but maybe it helped.

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