'I got y'all': DeJon Jarreau has led Houston this far in the NCAA Tournament,

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I won’t lie. I’ll be nervous about DJ tomorrow night, both, for his sake and the team’s. But I do know that he is very driven right now being in the tournament and will “will” his way onto the court if his pain recurs.

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The fact that he was out swinging golf clubs is a great sign.

Wow. Great article. This one finally made me subscribe to The Athletic. So glad I did. The insight and detail are amazing.

BTW, I signed up for $1/month for six months… Took just seconds with PayPal.

Wow. I look forward to reading some more. Wow. Wow. :grin:

Reading all that just confirmed my love for DeJon.


Couldn’t agree more. So many good stories I’d never heard in this article.

TheAthletic is easily the best sports site and it’s not even close. I’d love for them to make a run at ESPN and create their own tv channel.

The better Jarreau feels physically, the better I feel about our chances to win the game.

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Very good and detailed article with a lot of good stories.The story about coach Quannas making Gresham and Deeky run suicides during Juco is gold.


That was an excellent read. Most kids with attitudes like that never learn to change. I’m so glad Jarreau did. There’s no way we’d be where we are this year without him being what he’s been this year. What an incredible story!

Damn thanks OG TC, not only got good cheap chicken but also good cheap reading. I just signed up for 6 bones.

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That article was gouda.

I’ve been subscribed to The Athletic since last year on a similar plan ($1 a month for 6 months)

They are worth every penny. I plan on paying the full price every year.

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