I had a dream last night

…that the Coogs were playing in the National championship game for BOTH Football and Basketball, in the same year.

If the AAC continues to produce 5 ranked teams, in football, we might be closer than we think. The media is already starting to whisper that the AAC may be a stronger football conference than some of the lesser P5s…keep building!

On basketball, we could definitely make it to the Final Four and championship game under the current setup!


U must have had too much too drink before u went to bed, lol


Good dream!!


I love dreams and visions! Hopefully your dream/vision come true!


Nope…no alcohol…ha!

I think if our conference keeps building and taking athletics seriously we have built in advantages over half of the P5 schools…minus the TV money.

Why would you go to a West Virginia type school in the middle of nowhere IF AAC schools like Houston can be consistently competitive on the national level, the facilities are comparable, and you have as much of a chance to go pro after your time at UH?


Dream big or go home! love it


You left out the track and field team!


We’re in the middle of the golden aged in basketball :open_hands::open_hands::open_hands:

Football :football: if we can add another pass rusher for depth purposes, and that’s assuming King returns, I’ll jump ship to the band wagon in 2020 :muscle: :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Hopefully, CDH can flip that QB from North Shore for the '21 class.

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Calling a period of time a golden age never happens when it is actually occurring. Only the passage of time provides the perspective necessary to call a period of time the “golden age”.

The teams of the last few years have been good, no doubt, but they haven’t equaled the teams of the late 60’s or PSJ. Not even close. The 33 wins last year was a huge accomplishment, but the measure of greatness for an NCAA Basketball team is the Big Dance in March. Coach is building something very good but only time will tell if his teams can surpass those teams.


YUK! The voice of reason. I hate it!


In most all things that really count, reason is highly overrated.

And Baseball too; if you are gonna dream that big, may as well make it a clean sweep!


I love the dream. But…let’s start with winning the conference and a NY day bowl first. In basketball, let’s win the conference and get to the Elite 8.

I believe we can accomplish both of the end of 2021.

I forgot about track and field too. We actually have a realistic shot at a National championship there.

IN HONOR of MLK coming up…

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Odds to win a National Championship by sport.

Track & Field - Very good
Basketball - It’s possible
Football - not gonna happen

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“golden age”

Off topic, but I believe we are living in a “golden age”.
The developments of the recent past, makes the
Renaissance look like child’s play.

Horses provided the primary method of transportation less than 100 years age. Within a few decades humans might achieve immortality.

Basketball, baseball and track there is hope. Football has the potential to be a perennial top25 team and sometimes a top 10 team.

Keep dreaming :sunglasses:
Seriously tho’ if those are the dreams you are having then keep dreaming.

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Honestly, I’m starting to get more and more jealous of you when I think about this dream.

Why can’t I dream like this?

I want to have these kind of dreams while I sleep.


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