I just noticed something VERY interesting!


Based on what I can discern through online research…

Once the “new” Big 12 is created, and UT departs, it appears that the three largest members in terms of enrollment will be…get this now…

  1. Central Florida
  2. UH
  3. Cincy

That’s right!!! The three AAC additions!!!

How do ya like dem apples?


More like:

  1. UCF
  2. Cincinnati
  3. UH

I didn’t know Cincy was so big.

We do have more undergrads, though, which is the number that probably matters more in these comparisons.

I asked Google and it says UH has more total and undergrad students than Cinci. We have 39K undergrads vs. 28K for Cinci.



  1. UCF: 71K
  2. UH: 47K
  3. Cincy: 46K

Per Wikipedia it’s 46.3k for them and 46.1k for us. That appears to be out of date.

P5 may pretend to hang their hat on tradition, how about the University of Cincinnati, founded in 1819.

Played football since 1924. In it’s current stadium.

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I believe it’s the other way around, at least I believe UH is 46.3 and some more change. That’s what I saw on Google.

uh.edu’s “about” tab says 47,000+

Cincy’s website says 46K for them.

I’m hoping that once we are in the Big 12, the political influences that kept us out will swing in our favor.

And by “Top American Research Universities” they rank
1 ISU, 2 uc, 3 uh, 4 uk

Others are not ranked by TARU.


Cincy, Houston and Kansas are all 63-89 in the US.

Iowa St and UCF 90-110.

BYU, Kansas St and West Va are 111-129.

Texas Tech 130-152.

Baylor and Okla St 153-168.

TCU is not ranked by ARWU, i.e. not Top 200 in their metrics.

The new additions help acacemically, at least with respect to research.