I know, I know too much about attendance

Season ticket holder here. I have enjoyed the games this year, as well as those over the past several years. Earlier this evening, we went to the game at Rice U. Some perspective was brought to my attention.
A gentleman sitting in the seat just in front of us attended Rice from '67 thru '70. He has been a season ticket holder ever since. He has been going to games for many, many years and watching losing football games and teams. To me, THIS IS A FAN. He was not complaining. He was enjoying Rice football, win or lose. He did want to see a victory, and the team blessed him, and us, with one. The game, much like 4 or our 5, went down to the last play. Extremely exciting football. Games like this are worth every dime. I just wish our fan base was more appreciative and less entitled . . . . .


I just wish we could have been this mediocre years ago (or maybe we were). Ive been trying to get into the club for the past few years but it’s still been sold out. Maybe if we go 2-10 enough people we cancel (even though we are B12 bound) so that I can get in

The guys who sat next to me Friday started complaining about DH, the players and everything else before the game started, and they literally never stopped. Seriously, why even go to the game if you hate everything about it? These people need to move to the visitor section. :rage:


People in Houston are consumption driven. Every dollar spent has to yield excellent service. They probably spend more time eating out than any other city. They look at a Coog game like Benihana’s. “Why are we having the party here? They’re always late with my drinks!” I would bet if you asked the average Houstonian to name their family they’d include the chip server at Ninfa’s.

That’s not what college ball is about. College ball is about uncertainty. Its about pageantry. And there’s a lot of disappointment before you enjoy the high life. Too much sacrifice for this city.


Actually sports is a outlet for the average “Joe” to get his mind off the everyday monotony of life, the boss you hate the cranky wife at home it’s a emotional outlet just like going out to eat, to the beach, to a fall festival or wine tasting at a vineyard etc. Except in the case of sports you may not get filet mignon or the rare great tasting Cabernet (win), but may get ghoulash or vinegar tasting wine (loss) .and unlike a restaurant or other distractions you get to collectively celebrate or cry in your beer with others.


BigCat is spot on, with sports being a diversion for the average Joe. That’s it, exactly, and needs to be understood. There are profound implications of that understanding.

Marx said “Religion is the opiate of the masses.”

That’s false. Football is the opiate of the masses. American football in the US and soccer “futbol” in the rest of the world.

So, when the Coogs, or any other team sucks, Joe is going to complain because his chosen diversion doesn’t bring the relief he wants/needs. That’s logical from his perspective, and desirable from a social perspective (no matter what anyone else thinks about it) because keeping it in and letting it build up with the rest of life’s frustration would eventually yield a more toxic social response.

Here’s the bottom line. You can like football all you want, but it doesn’t matter. If it didn’t exist, people would find some other diversion and complain about it the exact same way. The truly interesting thing is that human beings place so much importance on things that are truly meaningless, like sports. (The diversion of the masses, while the elites take their money, rule them with corruption, etc…)

If you’re self-actualized and can enjoy the events of your life without regard to the outcome, congratulations, because you are one of the few.

I think consciously or unconsciously people react to their diversions the way they do because they’re emotionally and financially attached. You can’t look past the money. I’m sure everyone here has overpaid for a bad meal. And you complained. You didn’t smile and say “that’s life, I enjoyed it anyway.”

And in the end, that’s UH football. You thought you were going to an expensive, fancy restaurant for a great experience, and instead you got crap. Of course, most people are going to complain… And they should, or else there’s no incentive for the restaurant (or whatever diversion you choose) to change.

Too much sociology, I know, but…I think it’s helpful to have a framework to understand these things.

Go Coogs


Just got to WIN baby!!!

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People no longer see it as “entertainment” probably for many reasons. When I was younger, I was guilty of letting the Coogs (or Oilers) dictate whether I had a good weekend. Growing up and staring a family changed that for me. I come here to discuss UH sports and try to leave the emotional side out of it.


I think the 12 team playoff expansion will help with attendance. Too many programs fan bases just feel deflated when they know one loss eliminates you from any serious bowl game.

Rice built a 70,000 seat stadium without expectations?

I guess we should have stayed in Robertson and CUSA.

That’s one way to look at it. However, that’s not me. Ha When a coach such as CDH signs on that dotted line, I expect Ws. If that makes me entitled, whatever. Same applies for professional athletes that sign for these outrageous salaries. If you don’t perform, you’re going to hear it. They’re not getting paid to be mediocre.

Roman emperors and elites understood this very well, with their, “Bread and Circus” for the masses

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The city of Houston built it for both UH and Rice and maybe to attract an NFL/AFL Team.

This is. not revisionist history either.

Omg… this! When the Oilers lost my week was ruined! Still feel that way about the Coogs a little.

The city built it. Congrats.

Quit making sense, this is coogfans

The Hugh Campbell time was depressing but it got the Oilers Warren Noon so …

Abe Maslow has entered the chat…

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At least they care.

You cannot complain about lack of passion, then get mad when people display it.

If you are going to start throwing out all the season ticket holders who want CDH gone, there may not be any left.


They don’t really “care” - one of them actually said he hoped we would lose, and his lame buddies all nodded their heads. That’s not passion, and it’s definitely not supporting the team. At least celebrate when something good happens, FFS.

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