I know this isn't football, BUT

Our volleyball team could soon move into the Top 25.

We WHOOPED #23 UCF 3 sets to 1 yesterday, and are now in first place in the AAC (5-0), and 14-2 overall!!!


Please note that this is UH volleyball’s first win over a ranked opponent in almost TWO decades.

I remember us going to the Elite Eight back in 1994 or so back when I was in law school.

It’s been a LONG road back!


You went to law school?

Would have never guessed it.


Now if we can get our golf program back on track. We ARE the Bluest Blue Blood, in the whole nation, in that sport.

16 National Championships!


Great win!

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Also of note, UH Athletics Twitter mentioned that it was a Record Crowd at the Fertitta Center.

I hope things begin trending that way for ALL our Athletic Sports. ik I definintely want to make it out to a Volleyball game soon.


Next game is tomorrow afternoon, and the home one after that is on the 21st of October

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A lawyer, vegan, atheist and marine all walked into a bar together and the only reason I know that is because they told everyone as soon as they came in.


Don’t ask him which high school he went to!

J/K 97!

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I heard the tickets are like 5 bucks, definitely gonna be taking my granddaughters.



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…you left out a pilot!!

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Great now we can extend the VB coach and give him high guaranteed money, J/K lol, I’m happy for the ladies they work hard also

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