I know this season has not gone how many of you hoped it would




I won’t be able to make a mid week game but my tickets will be used!


My son and I will be there! Go Coogs!


Of course! Going to games during the down season makes the great seasons that much sweater!


This is just sad. You shouldn’t have to beg UH fans to attend a football :football: game here in hotbed Texas.

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It’s because there is so much in town. Astros, Rockets, Dynamo, Dash, Roughnecks, Texans. The team has to be ranked and play another ranked team to compete. Like Tupac said, “that’s just the way it is”

Houston is a horrid college town. It shows no community affinity for any institution in town. There may be a lot to do in Houston but there are roughly 6 million people in the extended metro area. They aren’t all attending Rockets games.

I’ve always thought if you want to improve attendance move the university outside of town…like Round Top…or Dime Box.
We could change the mascot to the Swamp Ferrets. Is there a swamp in Dime Box?

Are you gonna be there?

Been that way for ever lol I remember we were playing Wyoming back in run and shoot days on Espn in Astrodome they were begging back then so we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves on national television, we did win but I think like only 28K showed up sad sad


We can fill a stadium. I was at the Louisville game. I went to the Peach Bowl. I was at the OU game at Reliant. We do have the fans and they do come out for games if we are winning. That is the key for us. Vermins second year made finding good seats at TDECU difficult.
I am sure some of you could name some teams that fill their stands when their team is looking at 0-12 but the list is short.

We UH fans are just like the rest of college football fans but with a lot more choices in sports and a lot more traffic to get to the games. Both are attendance killers with a losing season.

I live out of town so I cant get to every game. Got my Navy tickets and went to Washington and Tulane already. I can guarantee you I am glued to the TV each game no matter what. I am traveling to Dallas today and will be there for the game Thursday. I will be in a sports bar somewhere and probably be the only one in red and white.


Louisville game had the best crowd I’ve ever seen. And it wasn’t quite the sell out.

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We are currently mentioned in this weeks bottom 10. We are referred to as “tanking harder than Nemo or Dory”
Breakup ESPN!! Monopolies suck

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how are we in bottom ten with 3 wins?


I’ll be there. Thankfully that’s an off night for the Astros, but unfortunately that’s opening night for the Rockets. I’m expecting a pitiful crowd.

We are not listed, we are mentioned under UCONN as the team that they made a valiant effort to beat. According to espn the only reason the score was close is because UConn was playing a tanking team, us

National perception of our coaching staff’s roster management and on-field performance.

We aren’t in the bottom 10, just mentioned under UConn

I hope the wifi is working good. It was for last game. Keenum is playing the Vikings.

I just put Vikes-Skins on record so I can give it a look after the UH game sometime.

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