I Like Players w/ Swagger, But Rob Armbrester

Watching Robbie Armbresters high school and circuit hignlights basketball skills are elite.
As for attacking the rim off the dribble, and shooting WOW, we could use that right now.


There’s been a few Robbie threads on here. I think Armbrester plays tonight. Quick sub for Ramon Walker, when Ramon is gassed.

I’m expecting 5-10 minutes for Robbie.


You can bet if coach needs him he will be in the game i

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I’d like to see a tacky five points and three rebounds tonight.

This thread should be removed.

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Why are you posting like you know him? Lol enjoy the game and cheer these guys on. Until they prove themselves to be a-holes on the court, who gives a damn?

an adult watching 10 minutes of youtube highlights of a kid who is 15, 16, 17 years old, then throwing out that Sampson doesn’t like him because of his attitude because why else wouldn’t a freshman be playing for a coach who rarely plays freshman… now that is TACKY. not a bad word has been said about him since he’s been at UH or before by anyone with knowledge but you want to smear this kid’s reputation? what a joke get this thread deleted


The edit is effective. :slightly_smiling_face:

What did I miss here?

I think we missed the unedited version – we got the PG-13 version.

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