I miss the 2015 & the first half of 2016 seasons

I was a sophmore / junior at UH

What a time this was


Say what you will, but I’m still on the bandwagon that had we won out in 2016 we make the playoffs


Holgerson has to start getting results by 2021 or he’s gonna be in the hot seat.

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1000000% agree. I was a senior during the 2016 season. I just fear that we will never ever get that close again as long as we remain in the G5. The stars aligned perfectly for us to even be that close in 2016.

We certainly would have deserved a playoff spot in 2016. Now, would we have gotten one? Hard to say, so much is political in sports these days.


2016 is the closest Herman will ever come to the playoffs…and he blew it by being preoccupied for games he thought he didn’t need to prep for…it makes no sense that we beat OU and absolutely demolish Louisville…but then looked like utter crap for those two games we lost.


Good times. I tend to agree with the announcer who said that Herman had a “rock star” personality that galvanized the team/fanbase and got the whole city behind us. It’s what you need in a “show me” city like Houston. There’s so much competition for the entertainment dollar. Hopefully we can recapture that magic. :+1:

Please don’t start that BS again.


That doesn’t seem like BS to me. Seems like that would hold for any coach hired when Holgorson was hired.

I was jr/Sr and those were definitely good times.

I was 55/56 yrs old. Tell me again what happened! :grin:. #OldMan


We start winning running an exciting offense, get ranked each year, play for the AAC Championship each year, go to a New Years Bowl often, they will come. So I believe we begin this year and build…

Unfortunately, that wasn’t just a Herman problem. That seems to be a sort of UH tradition dating back to briles, sumlin and all of the coaches that have donned the red and white since I have been a Coog fan.

I would say that things have to trend in the right direction in 2020 or his seat will be hot in 2021. He definitely needs a bowl game this year with one or two wins against quality opponents.

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Depth . Oklahoma and the brutal roadie at Cinci completely drained us. We should have rested a couple of guys before Navy but that’s on the HC

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I miss the team being good, but I don’t miss the circus about the coach leaving after every quality win.

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That and the constant coaching rumor distraction every single week.


Ultimately winning is what does all those things aforementioned. Herman Came in at the right time, with the right players and won some big games.

Problem is it was not sincere and longevity and stability was not sustainable.
Had he stayed a couple more years it would have unraveled. Really it did for the most underachieving team we have had in 2016.

Some of my fondest memories during those two seasons were all the messages I would get from people telling me how badly we would lose to Florida State and OU. It always went, “Now that you’re playing an actual football team, from a real conference, you’ll get destroyed”. I would never respond until the game was over, usually with a sarcastic gif.

I also remember going up to smoo. Sat next to some Dallas locals that were huge OU fans. Had no idea they were rooting against us until the beat down started.

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We went to that game as well. I took at the time my 85 year old parents. We took the train from the flowemound area to downtown and then hiked slowly to the stadium, my folks were troopers that night. That was a huge disappointment. My Dad said we should have stayed home instead of watching all this mess.

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