I rather be UH than USC

USC has by far the worst defense in the country. Their expectations were playoffs and they’re ranked 20th with a Heisman trophy, candidate quarterback, and they’ve given up two touchdowns in 40 seconds to be down 35 to 28 going into halftime. talk about expectations not being met.

Yeah who wants to be 7-2 contending for a PAC 12 title with a roster full of blue chip recruits when you could be 4-5 in the cellar of the Big 12 with coaches that don’t care to recruit anyone :roll_eyes:


Not to mention they are going to the Big 10 and will be getting a bazillion dollars a year in tv money. Who would want that ?


I’d rather be a Ford Fiesta than a Corvette


Unreal post.


You know they’re paying billions to make the playoffs every year and they aren’t anywhere in contention for that.

I would rather be a person who can fold and fly a paper airplane than be a Top Gun fighter pilot.

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Sydney Sweeney? No thanks. I’ve got my trusty blow up doll from Alibaba.com.

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Big12 winds or just like a regular breeze?

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Man that Baylor win got you hitting that booger sugar a bit early tonight ehh??


You must be drunk lol

The QB is a DB. Really enjoyed all their over-the-top in game celebrations that lasted almost the full 2nd half until mighty Tulane took them down in the bowl game. Well deserved.

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Guess you also prefer Susan Sarandon over Marilyn Monroe.

I definitely prefer Susan Sarandon.

A pulse is the bare minimum that I require in a woman. :wink:


Both in their prime were quite special.

In their prime I’d rather susan over M monroe. By todays standards m m was thick later. Now Marilyn younger first starting out was hot but Susan was hot in her prime. What was that movie, The Who done it where they were trying to figure out the crime? Or in the movie where the 2 girls drove around crazy in a car and Brad Pitt was in it. Susan was hot in those. I guess I prefer brunettes like what I have.