I realize this is the football board, BUT…

…how will we stack up in track, golf, and swimming in this new Big 12?

Track was national runner up last year (or year before last?), so they should only get better with Big 12 recruiting. I don’t really follow swimming or golf very closely but being in the Big 12 has to help significantly. So much talent in Houston and now that we are in the Big 12, perhaps we can even snag the good ones in the other Texas cities.

Don’t forget about women soccer. B12 has a lot of great programs. Coach Bocanegra doing a great job building up the program last few years.

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I’ve been thinking about this since I heard of the increased chances of joining the B-12. I remember the impact of our entry into the SWC. I truly believe that we have an incredible opportunity to develop greatness and become a “powerhouse” program in academics, sports and reflect the vibrance of Houston. As an old-timer, I see how far we’ve come, the progress we are making under Dr. Khator, and the vision we now have for greatness. I’m so excited about UH being able to offer B-12 opportunities to recruits. When we offer recruits in all sports the opportunity to compete in a P5 program it will have a huge impact and even more so as they compete against peers at other schools in Texas. IMO some of that old SWC feel will bubble back up. I know I’m biased (full disclosure-I’ve worked for UH for 30+ years as an adjunct while a public school educator) but I don’t see any other institution in the new B-12 that can offer to students and student athletes the opportunities that can be offered by UH. Our biggest rival may be UCF.
My second belief is that this gives us the opportunity to reach a level of success that will raise UH to a status even with or just below uTa and A&M especially with them now in the SEC. Their odds of winning regular championships is now greatly diminished. While on the field, the court and in the pool, etc we can reign frequently. Our status athletically will also help us raise our Academic status. Go Coogs #H-Town For the City

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Anything over 800 meters we are going get our azz kicked.

Sprints, field events … move over Rover a mean ole dog is moving in.

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We’ll be on par with everyone in golf.


With affordable & easy airport access from basically everywhere and the weather - Houston seems like a natural spot for the various “invitationals” that the Olympic sports favor.

It would be nice to add more national championship golf trophies to the case.

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Uh…gentlemen. Hitting the schnapps tonight?

Oklahoma State has one of the top golf programs in the country.