I thought Belk was a defensive genius

What The Funk

Dana looked contrived and disingenuous at the press conference when he said it was unacceptable. Like he was just saying the obligatory. The program is doomed with this outfit.


Belks sucks and his defense sucks


Truth is we don’t have enough talent in defense. The problem for the polys is they can’t blame it on Applewhite any more as these are Holgy’s guys AND he pulled that redshirt the whole team shenanigan several years back. Nowhere to point but Holgy and his staff nowadays especially with the embarrassing performances we’ve been seeing this year.


Remember when Belk was “The Next Guy”.

El Oh El

who coaches the defensive backs?

What I see is the same mistakes in game 9 that I saw in game 1. DB’s taking poor angles. Poor tackling. The same defensive schemes. The offense has adjusted, the defense has not.


It’s the poor tackling that ticks me off


This has nothing to do with talent. Had we given up 30 or 40 or hell even 50 points last night I would give some consideration into that narrative and our team being banged up and what still needs to be done at certain positions to improve the overall talent level heading into next year. But when u are talking about giving up 77 points (to a 5-4 SMU team nonetheless) it has nothing to do with talent. Players looked completely lost out there.


Earlier in the year it was said that we had trouble with running QBs. Now it is clear thatbwe also have triuble with pocket passing QBs.


I think we have problems with qbs.


We haven’t been the same defense since Parish was injured.

He was the heart and soul of the D.


Being a genius coach is very overrated. You have to have really good players. They all left last year.

We have to get a bunch of 4 stars at the least or we will be the doormat of the Big12.

Agree with Funk. He looked WAY WAY too comfortable. Nonchalant…Does he not realize that he has single handedly destroyed this program and alienated the fan base at the school and city that he so often proclaims he loves? He is bad for this University!

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Funny enough when the offense wasn’t performing, Dana said we needed better players. After scoring over 100 points these last two weeks I don’t think that was the problem. Same goes for the defense.


Dana does not care. It’s been obvious for years. We had the talent and schedule last year to overcome a staff that simply doesn’t work hard. They’ve even told us that point blank (Belk). And I’ve gotten texts since Dana has been here of him out partying ON game days from people who know I used to live and die with UH sports.


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apparently…no one…they’re on their own looks like. Is this what we’re bringing to the big 12? Crap!!

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I know he was a great player Goose, but if you’re entire defense can’t overcome ONE player that tells you that your defensive coaches can not only not coach scheme but they can not motivate either.

I have to believe if number 0 was playing we could have gotten some key stops. At the same time I’m glad he wasn’t a part of this debacle.