I thought if a player was disqualified they had to leave the field?

Is that not the rule for targeting? I thought you had to leave the field. I guess not. Perhaps that is only for ejections and not disqualifications?

Rule changed. But I think if a player has his name in question twice in one game they should make an exception to the new rule change.

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The homer announcers let him stay lol

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In the pros but not college.

I noticed they changed the wording from ejected to disqualified a couple years ago. I just assume a disqualification means they can stay on the side line and an ejection means they have to leave.

I think they should have to go to the locker room. While they can’t play on the field, they can help on the sideline.

No anymore changed the rules

That player was the most selfish player I’ve seen in a while. He was begging to get flagged for PFs the whole game with after whistle scuffles all game long including with our long snapper and punter. That kinda player may be a fan favorite but that’s the stupid stuff that turns close games into losses.