I thought Saban would never let this happen?

So many clowns on this board have been screaming that Dana is responsible for the penalties and that someone like Saban would never have this many penalties… they had 17 for 130 yards tonight.


Thats true. But it was a tough road environment.

We get tons of penalties even at HOME.

But Alabama has been playing with fire this season. Texas, Texas A&M. Now today

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Win a few National Championships and I think that’ll give you some breathing room. :laughing:


The difference is, Saban will correct it and it won’t happen again vs happens every week to become the most penalized team in the nation. The Clowns are justified in their disgust.


Before the game Saban’s Bama was a top 20 most penalized team in the country. He will probably blame the players talent level and tell the media he is tired.


Saban has been saying the best players don’t always come to Bama anymore. He’s a great coach, but you need the players. NIL, transfer portal, rivals with incredible facilities, and every game in the world on TV or streaming leaves Bama with few of the built-in recruiting advantages they had for about a decade.

CFB should be more fun going forward. Parity of a sort has arrived.

And yeah, penalties are killers.


Reminds me of the time the rules changed and DKR and FBroyles left the coaching profession, because they could no longer acquire the cream of the crop each year . . . . .


They became relevant by hurting another coach’s talent pool so it comes and goes in cycles

DKR also specifically stated that Title IX was going to destroy College Sports…
Lest we forget…

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Royal and Broyles saw how they would have to recruit in the future to be competitive with the Coogs, and wanted no part of it.


Not comparing Dana to Saban lol Saban was also the guy that pulled his starting QB in the championship game and WON. Dana and Saban are no where near the same level. The same problems we are seeing in Dana’s 4th year was the same things WVU fans were experiencing and telling us about…… If someone shows you who they are… believe them… This is Dana.


Saban will not win another National Title.

I predict that he will not make The SEC Title Game this season.

Other SEC teams have made great strides with their recruiting. Thus Saban can no longer just line up and run over everyone.

Ole Miss, LSU, and Miss. St. all will be challenging games. All have a QB who is not greatly inferior to Young. They can play.

Both UT and OU will bring great talent to The SEC.


He will correct it huh? Hes dead last on the season. Sounds like he hasnt fixed it to me


He’s lost the locker room! They don’t want to play for him. I think they are doing it on purpose… trying to get him fired.


I hear Saban and his drinking buddy Bill O’Brien are hitting up all the late night pickleball and bingo halls. Lots of temptation in T-town


There are no soundbites of Saban saying he isn’t going to take responsibility for the penalties. There is that.


Are you trying to get a post on that site that posts crazy fan takes?

Why are we talking about Saban? He has 7 national championships on his resume.

Dana can’t hold Saban’s jock strap when it comes to coaching. Not many can.


Agree with this, at least for this season.

I think the expanded CFP will help him get one more title, since a P5 team won’t need to win their conference to get a spot. But I do believe that Saban will retire in 3 seasons. He is close to 70 years old and with NIL, the transfer portal and increasingly, politics, it is going to be very difficult for a school like Bama to recruit the players they need.

If I am him, I would try for one more and then head back to West Virginny.

NWS Nashville doing some mighty fine troll’in…