I was there

Four weeks to prepare.
We know that they run the option 29/30 plays. We looked surprised all game that they are running the triple option.
We had 4 weeks to prepare our offense and all of our weapons and did not.
I went to the game and am still shell shocked.
I have people from across the country asking how my “mighty” Cougars were devastated.
We need to do something. We fired the DC, the OC just left. A new coach brings in an entire new staff.
It’s time.


Sorry to here you witnessed that NOcoog, hope you had a safe drive back to Central Texas…


You get the Medal of Honor for sitting through that ### show.

Actually looked for a 7/11 to rob, didn’t find one.my wife and I ate lunch, dinner, spending the night at a Hilton and breakfast tomorrow. A lot of Coog fans at the game. Therapists will be bust next week.


I was one of a bus full who bought the travel package. Brutal.

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What was the buzz on the bus?

How bad was it, I have never taken the bus…usually Wife and I with me stewing over the loss with a long drive because she fall asleep.


When our three true freshman on the DL can’t perform their assignments it negates our LB’s opportunities to make the plays they should. our freshman QB certainly was indesisive and rattled but tht it to be expected. The atmosphere itself was great, big crowd, beautiful day, paratroopers and a helicopter fly over


After saying I was going to sit this one out, I had a ticket drop in my lap on Friday so I decided to put my personal bowl winning streak on the line (hadn’t seen a bowl loss in person since the TCU-UH match up in Houston after Briles accepted the Baylor job) and drive up for the game.

Great weather. That was it.

I saw Briles before the game and he looked very relaxed / casual. I have not been to a game early enough to know whether this was normal but they seemed to be laughing it up pretty good.

And then when I saw UH pooch / onside kick so early in the first half, I was concerned. When they opened the 2nd half with one, i knew there was no hope because they had no idea / strategy to stop the Army attack.

When they punted from the Army 30 and went for it on the UH 30, I figured they were out of their ever-loving minds.

And, after pooch kicking on two of the three kick offs, they kicked it deep late in the 4th, I was done and ready to go.

There were just too many head-scratching decisions in this game…


I, too, was witness to that gutless performance. To add insult to injury I was given a ticket by the mother of an Army player and sat in their section. To hear them say, “They’ve quit! They don’t have any fight in them” was brutal. I left at halftime — the first time I’ve ever given up on my school that soon. I just drove to the Cowboys Stadium and watched some incredible games by players giving their all. I honestly believe North Shore or Duncanville would score 4 touchdowns on the University of Houston. We were/are that bad.


We were there, bumped in to Applewhite and Briles in the hotel Friday night, told them to “Go get em” and they gave me an inspiring “Yes Sir”. Talked to several players, they seemed up for the challenge. Prior to Friday I didn’t give us much of a chance but I was buying in Friday and feeling better about us. Great weather, great atmosphere and it was all over by the 2nd quarter. It was obvious how unprepared the team was.


I treated myself to three quarters of the replay. The bad decision-making was simply staggering. I understand being beaten but that self-flaggelating nightmare needed a mountain of incompetence to take place.

If he is retained I seriously fear for the well-being of the program.

The staff that whipped Oklahoma, Louisville, and Florida State has been replaced by a strange family of distracted lunatics. I don’t fear Renu making the wrong decision. I pity her for having to even deal with this.


We stayed through the fireworks and enjoyed the activities surrounding the game. But, it’s amazing how far a program can fall in 3 years.

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Oh man, that license plate is too on point. Ouch. I assume it’s also available for Cowboys fans.

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My wife gave that to me as a birthday gift many years ago, after she tired of repeatedly hearing me say how good the Coogs were going to be in some sport the coming year.

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I don’t, rockstar or not . she is part of the reason CMA is head coach here and she has to deal with it. Problem is she likes him and won’t replace him.

She likes the university better though


I was there, good UH showing, record Armed Forces crowd, over 44,000.

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Football players need passion from their coaches, not just Xs and Os. I don’t know how Major feels about the University of Houston, but I do not see any passion and neither do the players.


He doesn’t exhibit passion. That should have come through during the interview process.

Just because someone is a great player or great assistant coach does not mean that they could step up to a leadership role.

In all of life’s endeavors a great technical person who does a great and admirable job can’t always step up to leadership.

We also have known people the other way around.

You know we once had the greatest golf coach who ever lived at UH. When his players are interviewed you are reminded that he was not a great technician of the game. But there is no one who will deny his ability as a coach.