I would put us a little higher

I think there are some schools we should be above.

Its fair when you take into account our recent history.


I would have put as at #6, ahead of Purdue, Gonzaga and Virginia.


At least UVA. Getting bounced in the 1st round as a #1 seed should negate 1 sweet 16 appearance!

So many of those schools have far fewer final fours than we do.

We have an iconic program. Its good to be back.


UVA has a very good history.

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No one cares about last year’s tournament except the talking heads because it helps them fill in on-air time.

Me, I don’t care about this stuff. Last team standing, wins. Go Coogs!

Fair enough but if we’re ranking sweet 16 teams by tradition than it’s kinda hard to ignore history. They were on the wrong end of a historic upset, lol.

Its nice to have some good wins in our recent history instead of being remembered for one of the biggest upsets in tournament history.

6-10 could have gone in pretty much any order.

We should be sixth.

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