Icy White Uniforms vs. Arizona


Glad we’re going back to the white facemask with this look. I don’t like the red chrome one on either of our helmets, really.


I like them!

No. I like the white jersey and pants but that needs contrast. Wear the red helmets guys. :rage:

White Helmet > Red Helmet any day.

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I have to disagree. I like it ok but don’t want to see it supplant our traditional red helmet look. We look like Casper out there in all white! lol :wink:

Good. Maybe we’ll blind the other team

I disagree with this in theory – I’m a really big fan of the candy red lids – but I like the stormtrooper look for us a lot.

I think the red ones with the chrome cougar from last year’s Tulane game might be my favorite UH helmet, though.


Not always but it seems in many cases we were red when the opponent is wearing white helmets and we wear red helmets when the opponent is wearing white helmets. Probably helps the quarterbacks and especially tonight when Arizona is wearing glossy red helmets.

Pretty hot out here today so the light colored uni’s work.

Zona usually had a red or blue lid. So we’ll have white. Looks good.



I like the all-white unis.


Texas flag shows up better on UH logo than US flag does.

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