Idaho University Murder Suspect Arrested

Brian Kohberger, a PhD student in Criminal Justice at Washington State University, was arrested in the heinous murders of four University of Idaho students. Three young women and one male were brutally stabbed in their sleep at their residence in late November.

When he was taken into custody, Kohberger asked law enforcement officers if anyone else had been arrested, leading one to believe more than one person was involved.

WSU is located approximately seven miles from U of Idaho campus.

Hang him high.

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This is final battle to consolidate Satan’s Army of Miscreants. Tic-Toc vs. The Attorneys.

How many of you want to see this guy hang once convicted? Or should we let the prick meet Bubba?

If they can’t find the murder weapon or link DNA evidence to him, it would be hard cheese to find him guilty. Also, the defense will pursue a change of venue.

He had the opportunity. Not sure what the motive was at this point in the investigation other than him being a sociopath

The murder weapon was probably disposed somewhere in the 2000+ miles between Pullman and his home in Pennsylvania.

He’s innocent until proven guilty, but if he’s found guilty based only on circumstantial evidence, then my guess he’ll get life in prison.

Idaho does have capital punishment laws with specific criteria for enacting the lethal punishment.

There is dna evidence. That’s how they confirmed it was him.

Yes they supposedly found DNA evidence on all the victims and used a DNA ancestry database to narrow it down to him. He also owned a white Elantra and lived 8 miles away. It will be interesting to see the motive.

Still don’t know why the killer chose the victims?

The two girls that survived are probably wondering why they were spared.

That is not clear yet. My guess he was a psychopath and wanted to see if he could get away with murder.


I think so too.


Some probability he encountered the girls at the nearby Bar, where 2 of them were that night, and was told to “Get Lost”.

Seems that he decided that he was so damn smart that he could get revenge by committing the perfect crime.

Note he is waiving extradition, Cannot wait to “Outfox” his Interrogators and the Justice system.

He will validate an old adage: Give him enough rope and he will hang himself.

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I thought I read he had been planning it for a a few weeks.

It’s very possible he saw them at a bar or something though. He was a noted “creep” at one of the local bars he frequented.

Makes me wonder how many other Ted Bundy or BTK disciples are out there?

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I am willing to bet everyone that died either had their bedroom doors open or unlocked.

Do most people lock thier bedroom doors.

Never even heard of anyone doing that regularly.

when I lived with roommates in college and dental school, I did. I don’t do that now with my family but I did when I live in different apartments. I lived in Cullen Oaks (on campus apartment) when at UH and the multiroom units (2 bedsroom and 4 bedrooms) shared a living area and Kitchen but each bedroom had its own lock.

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It will be interesting to see the guys motive. Was he trying to get revenge? Was he a psychopath trying to see if he could plan and able to get away with it?

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Anyone watch the Netflix documentary on the league city killing fields?

Holy crow you don’t realize how many unsolved murders there are.