If Big 12 raids AAC, commissioner Mike Aresco says his league will be OK

If Big 12 raids AAC, commissioner Mike Aresco says his league will be OK

AAC commissioner Mike Aresco knows the Big 12 has its eye on some of his teams. He’s fine with that. COURTESY AAC


“Whistling as one walks through the graveyard” comes to mind!

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Lol…funny. yeah, denial big time. He is shaking in his boots wondering who he should invite
in the AAC

Is there a link to an article that I am missing?

But what do you expect him to say? He can’t very well come out and say he fears for the future of the conference and is going to hate renegotiating with ESPN if/when UH leaves. He has to keep selling that the AAC is right on the cusp of being P6 no matter what. If UH leaves, that renegotiation is going to be brutal. I don’t think it will be CUSA brutal, but brutal nonetheless.

Regardless of what happens with the Big 12 expansion, the G5 conferences are going to have to start working together like the P5 conferences are doing. Come up with a G5 playoff, come up with CUSA vs AAC basketball series, something to hype up your brand of athletics. I have no idea what else they can do but have to do something.

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My bad here is the missing link


The only sticking point for schools leaving the AAC is that they must give 27 months’ notice and pay an exit fee of $10 million. Schools that want to leave quicker can negotiate a larger exit fee.

And my guess is that it doesn’t have to be a larger $$fee$$ … another accommodation can be negotiated as I have already mentioned in another posting.

I remember it posted that UH had it in contract with conference that if TV money did not get over a certain level, that we could leave without the notice (or was it with lower penalties?). Does anyone know if this is true, and details of it?

Rutgers paid 11.5 million and it was in installments. They won’t be finished paying until next season. I doubt the fee will be higher than that.

I believe it’s been mentioned that the parameter in question expired awhile ago.

I found the following the most telling in the linked article:

“In these situations, communication is critical,” said Aresco, who was a long-time television executive before getting into college administration. “I’ve been talking to the (athletic directors) and the president of the schools that might leave, and it looks like some of them will. We’re talking to each other and trying to figure out the future. We expect everyone who leaves will leave on good terms.”

Only a matter of weeks…

Yep, clearly some schools know already that they are gone.

I read somewhere that Khator was traveling recently. Anybody know where?

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