If Carlton keeps this up…

…. then could he be drafted as a NBA Center?


…how many phone calls will the Sampsons be getting from “forgotten” bigs around the country?


If Carlton isn’t proof that Coach Sampson can make a good player great than I don’t know what does.


Great for him, great for the program.
Have we ever seen his official height? I have heard Hakeem is really 6"11 and he looked taller next to Carlton


Probably won’t get drafted. But definitely could be a G League type player.

Would need to develop his outside shot

Mid range/3 point shot.

I have been side by side with Dream…… I would say he is not even 6’11.

I think Dream is honestly 6’10.

I could be wrong but I thought Carlton looked like he had an inch on Dream when side by side.( Cougar Due- interesting you saw the opposite of what I did…could just be the angle one of us had)

But I do think there is a place on an NBA roster for Carlton.


I remember Bill Walton saying that Dream was probably 6’10 and 1/2 inches, but that he had unusually long arms that enabled him to play more like a 7 footer.

I guess we’ll never know his true height.

Dream is 6’10.5


Dream’s got a bit of a hunched posture in his old age. I’d imagine his playing height was more.

I noticed, many years ago, as my dad aged, he seemed to have shrunk. I began to check my height. About the age of 18, I measured out at 5’10 3/4" height. Now, I’m about 5’ 9 1/2" and I still stand relatively erect.


Maybe Dream was 7 foot in his LA Gear kix

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I stood next to him before and I thought he was 6’9" to 6’9.5", which made me respect him even more because despite his smaller stature in comparison to other centers that were larger and taller than him he still dominated them.

How are you guys able to judge Hakeem’s height by standing next to him?

Are you all 6’10” ?


It’s been almost 40 yrs since Dream left UH campus as a player. It’s common knowledge that you shrink in size as one gets older. Many enlarge in width to make up for lost Ht. J/S


Right I’m kind of confused by people saying Dream is two inches shorter than listed. Here is the image that got me thinking about it, Carlton is really short if Hakeem is as short as some of you think,
Edit its on the WSU gamethread

Well, if you’re 5’10" tall and he is a foot taller than you then that makes him 6’10" tall.

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The announcers kept calling Carlton 6-10 which might be about right.
I could see Carlton playing overseas

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I agree. As a Big man, his game I think will work overseas for several yrs. Best thg he did was get in better shape bc he’s runs the floor very well now.

Wasn’t he with Spalding…?

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