IF Cincinnati makes the playoff?

What happens to the G5 NY6 spot?

Cincinnati would be the highest ranked G5 Conference Champion but they would go to one of the two Playoff Bowls instead of a NY6 Bowl.

Would the G5 NY6 spot go to the NEXT highest ranked G5 Champion, would it go to an At Large G5, or would the G5 lose their NY6 spot altogether?

…or is it combined and this is the G5 NY6 Bowl spot?

Probably go to UTSA if they win the rest of their games

…because right now it is slotted to be the Fiesta Bowl but if Cincinnati takes a higher tier NY6 Bowl spot, they may say No More G5s


The Playoff games are considered NY6 bowls. Cincinnati in the playoff would be the one bid.


Cincinnati going to the playoffs is the G5 slot.


So…technically, the promoters of the Fiesta Bowl are “rooting” for Cincinnati to make the playoffs because they would get a matchup of two top 10-12 P5s instead of a P5 and a G5.


I could be wrong but I believe I read that if Cincy goes to the playoffs, there will be no G5 in the NY6 bowl, no matter how highly ranked the next G5 school is.

So dumb.


If Cincy beats us and is closed out of CFP then the momentum to expand to 8 or 12 teams may be undeniable.

I think the momentum to expand would be greater if Cincinnati makes it IN instead of OUT.

Why? Because only 3 spots would go to the P5s, possibly only to the SEC and B1G.

If Cincinnati is left out, the G5s have no power to force a change


That’s not strictly true; a second G5 team could get an at-large bid by being in the top 10 or so teams (subject to the Rose/Sugar Bowl bids’ rankings), and would be guaranteed a spot if they finished in the top 8. That’s also unlikely to happen, though.

Interestingly, the most realistic scenario for that to happen is probably UH beating Cincinnati and Cincy staying inside the top 10. I don’t think that would happen, either, but it’s at least plausible.

I can see that option also. Regardless, lets hope sanity prevails and we break up the capricious and fundamentally unfair cartel.

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If a G5 team makes the playoff, there will be no guaranteed spot for the next highest G5 conference champion in the NY6. A G5 team could still get a spot I’d they get an at-large spot…but that likely won’t happen.

Well the NY6 bowls include the 4 bowls played on New Years day and the 2 semifinal playoff games, therefore Cincy would be the G5 representative in the NY6 if they make the playoffs.

That’s why they call it the NY6 because of those 6 bowls.


This committee is strategic in where they place certain teams in the rankings. I wouldn’t be surprised if we jumped UTSA today and get close to SDSU to be ready to jump them if we beat Cincy.

Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if North Texas upset UTSA. Going to keep an eye on that one.

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I wouldn’t mind losing to Cincy and seeing them in the Playoff just to crash the system.

This is the worst take ever.


LOL…what else can any red blooded Coog say!

If Alabama finishes ranked #5 and Cincy makes the playoffs they’ll expand the playoffs the next day lol


Anyone know what UTSAs strength of schedule compares to ours?

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